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Richie | 01/10/2017 12:31 am

"Do you sell action Figures?" 



This question comes up in our store a lot. We do in fact sell action figures but we have never considered ourselves to actually be part of the toy business.  Staying on the pulse of this ever mobile business was something that we never had the resources to do. We could sell the latest action figure without a problem but we really couldn't provide the knowledge, maker, and background for the piece that we are comfortable with.  It is with great pleasure that we announce today that this is no longer the case! 


We are partnering with Carlos & Bigtop Collectibles to provide an excellent NEW expansive service for collectible toys and Action Figures.  Carlos has been a staple of the Colorado community specializing in trade, purchase, and trends of the collectible toy market for over 20 years! With his expertise we now offer the trading, purchasing, and selling of Toy Collections. 


We have set up a dedicated corner of the store featuring Bigtop Collectibles and their vast assortment of action figures. Carlos will be available to make trades, suggest gifts, and geek out about awesome toys periodically throughout the week. If you are interested in any of this fine merchandise please email him at Make sure and follow all of Bigtop Collectibles happenings on their Facebook Page (Link). 



With Bigtop Collectibles and I Want MORE Comics working under the same roof we can now provide an even more comprehensive experience in the pop culture and collecting community. 

So if you're looking for MORE. Regardless if it's MORE comics, MORE magic, MORE table top, or now MORE toys, We have you covered here at I Want MORE Comics. 

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