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Keith | 02/11/2019 07:26 pm

We welcome you to take part in the MTG Ravnica Allegiance Season of the IWMC Sealed League ! 

Start up cost is only $12.00!!   
You get 3 packs of Ravnica Allegiance
Build a 30-Card (Minimum) Deck using booster packs provided and basic lands. You may only use cards in your pool plus basic lands.   

Any time we host Magic you are invited to come and challenge other players in the sealed league.   

You may only challenge each unique opponent once per day.  

The battle is one game, winner take all!   

There are Two ways to add to your sealed deck!   
1.) Each week (Starting 10:00am Monday) You may purchase One pack to add to your building pool.  
2.) After 3 losses (per week) you may purchase a new pack to help build a better deck and get your revenge!   

We have added prizes to this season and to earn them we have added a very simple point structure!   
Playing a Game = 1 Point  
Winning a Game = 1 Point 
Playing with someone new = 1 Point 


After your 10th Game you can pick up this seasons PROMO CARD!!

Getting the highest amount of points at the end of the league will earn you the Title of League Champion, get you a FREE entry into next Sealed League Season (War Of The Spark) & will award you a promotional playmat!   

1.) Sealed League Champion (Earn the most points) Chris Spears!     


The IWMC Sealed League Ravnica Allegiance Season goes from

2.4.2019 - 4.8.2019 

Every week you can catch your stats right here! We will update every Monday so make sure you turn in your Battle Cards by then so you don't get missed!

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