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Richie | 04/02/2017 12:25 am



LINE UP! It is time to discover which of you is worthy! Starting NOW through April 23rd, 2017 you can stop in and Pre-order your MTG: Amonkhet product at a discount. Here is what's available

Amonkhet Booster Box: $95.00 

Grab a Booster Box with 36 Booster Packs AND the Buy-A-Box Promo Card Archfiend of Ifnir for only $95.00

Amonkhet Booster Box SEALED Case: $540.00

(6)Ea Booster Boxes in a Sealed Case for only $540.00!!! That is $90.00 ea!!! 

Amonkhet Bundle Pack: $35.00

An excellent way to get started in the New Set! The Amonkhet Bundle Pack comes with a Amonkhet Card Box, A Players guide w/ encyclopedia, 10(ea) Amonkhet Packs, 80- Card Basic Land Pack, A Spindown life Counter and a Magic Refrence Card. All for only $35.00!!

Amonkhet Planeswalker Decks: $12.00 Each

Gideon (Name TBD) Liliana (Name TBD)

The Planeswalker Decks are back and this time we have Gideon and Liliana. The perfect begginers deck to Magic the Gathering at only $12.00 These come with ready-to-play 60-Card Deck featuring a Foil Premium Planeswalker, 2 Amonkhet Booster Packsa strategy insert, and a Magic Quick Refrence Card.

The Offical IWMC Amonkhet Bundle: $150.00

The I Want More Comics Amonkhet Magic Bundle Includes, 1 Amonkhet Booster Box, 1 Amonkhet Bundle, and BOTH Amonkhet Planeswalker Decks! All of this product comes at the insanly low cost of $150.00. Nuff Said.

These sales are Available NOW through April 23, 2017. Your purchased product will be available to pick up April 28th, 2017 at Store Open

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