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Sean | 09/15/2013 09:42 pm

Hello everyone out there in I Want More Comics land. We are coming to you today to talk about an upcoming project we are excited about. Artist Amy Reeder and Writer Brandon Montclare are coming to you with their new project Rocket Girl. This was originally done as a Kickstarter by Amy and Brandon to bring this project to life. Image Comics has decided to publish this book and give it even more exposure. Amy and Brandon came to us last year with the Halloween Eve One-Shot. It was well received by our customers and we believe Rocket Girl will be as well.

The comic centers around a female character named DaYoung Johannson. DaYoung is a 15 year old police officer from 2013 that has to go back in time to 1986 to investigate a time crime by a megacorporation called Quintum Mechanics. Her investigations lead to DaYoung finding that her "future" shouldn't exist at all. The 1986 version in the comic is full of all the 80's nostalgia you know and love. The 2013 version of the story is a more sci-fi imagined 2013 with flying cars and other like elements.  Imagine if 2013 had flying cars like Back to the Future and The Fifth Element. It's an 80's inspired alternate 2013.

With Amy's fluid and dynamic art style and Brandon's well paced story telling this shoud be a very fun book well worth the price of admission. I have been talking to Amy and she has offered to include an 11 X 17 print for all of our hold slot customers that want to add Rocket Girl. Just contact us about adding the title to your pull list. You can give us a call at the store (303) 460-7226 or contact us at and let us know. When you come in next and see our smiling faces you can let us know in person. Whatever works for you. Just be a superhero and Read More Comics! 

A video with Amy Reeder and Brandon Montclare talking about Rocket Girl 

If you want to check out more of Amy and Brandon's mischief they also do a podcast called Podcorn. They talk about industry interworkings and projects they are working on. They also bring an insider view on how the projects get done from conception to the final product.

The Rocket Girl 11 X 17 print you will receive from Amy if you add the title to your hold slot is the cover to issue 1 which is pictured here that has Rocket GIrl zooming in from the sky with the blue background.


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