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Todd | 09/06/2013 01:25 pm

So Theros is giving us these five new Gods, but are they godly?

I like this guy.  I'm not sure if I like it better in a control shell that plays Supreme Verdict and Sphinx's Revelation and just uses the tokens as a finisher or an agro build that plays Precinct Captain and Boros Reckoner into this as a massive beater.  I think that either strategy is viable and only time will tell if this plays a role in one, both, or neither.  Regardless of if it works into standard this will see play in EDH.
This God (Goddess?) is bonkers good! Control players know how good it is to be able to hit land drops early and ditch irrelevant cards later.  I don't think this is going to be attacking a whole lot, but it will be enabling control decks starting on the 27th.
Sign in Blood is drawing me two cards for BB and two life, this draws two cards for 5BBB and four life.  Give me Sign in Blood or some other efficient draw effect over this any day.  This is also not very likely to be attacking any more efficiently than Desecration Demon the four drop I would rather play.
This is the quintessential win more card.  If the creatures coming into play could kill other creatures this would be great but...expensive firebreathing and extra damage to a player if you play more creatures after playing this do nothing on four is not a winning strategy.  Play Chandra on four instead and advance your game instead of this God?  On the other hand sign me up for this guy in EDH where I can make a bunch of tokens and beat the table in a turn.
Its not easy being green.


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