Welcome to I want MORE Comics Facebook Live Stream Sale!

 One of the most unique and simple way to get fantastic comics at insane prices directly to YOU.

Join Zack and Richie every Wednesday & Friday evening right from your own mobile device as they offer up some of the comic shops finest LIVE on Facebook!


Simply log on to your Facebook account and visit the I Want More Comics Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/IWMComics/)

Click into our live feed stream and join in on the fun!


The important thing to remember is this is NOT an auction. So there is no bidding necessary.  Prices will be placed on the items and you can decide if it is something you need in your collection. So what happens when you want to snatch one of these awesome items up? Just Follow these simple steps!

  • Write in the comment section “The name of the item / And it’s Price” as an example: "Action Comics/$8"
  • Wait and see if you get a confirmation from 

Important info: You may see in your chat feed that your request came first but it had been confirmed to someone else. This is because all sales done through the stream are based on what the store sees. Sometimes with internet connections, the feed can misrepresent what is actually happening.


We have several options for payment to ensure your comics getting to you, is simple as ever!

In an effort to minimize wait times for product we ask that payment be submitted within 48hours of the Stream Sale.

If this is your first time purchasing from the Live Stream Sale you MUST establish a communication thread with our store here:


This will allow us to get you a complete invoice of your Stream Sale purchases, Confirm the items you've requested, and select your option of payment & pick up.

The options for payment are as follows:

If you’re a Hold slot member 

We will place these items aside for you & are hold them at the store in your Hold Slot.

If you’re not a hold slot member

Option 1: (In Store Pick up) if you are local, we encourage you to stop by the store & pick up your items there. Please remember that there will be sales tax added at the time of purchase.

Option 2: (Shipment) If you would rather have items shipped to your home we can do that! Simply provide your paypal account and your address. We will calculate the total. Then you can pay via Paypal or by calling the store during business hours. Once payment is received we will ship the items to you through US mail as soon as possible!


I Want MORE Comics is located in Colorado in the city of Northglenn. As such local pick up and delivery MUST have corresponding Tax. So please be prepared to add that to your purchase total.