For about a year, I held a gathering of like-minded individuals once a month to play board games.  My goal was to get a community of fun and energetic people to play both socially and competitively. I started on International Table Top Day and continued the tradition for 12months until its anniversary. The most unique occurrence was when I noticed that regardless of the amount of time I spent with these people I had an absolute blast.  The place was filled with laughter and smack talk. People plotting against one another while others were teaming up, doing everything they could to beat the board. I was playing with new players in the world of table top and Pros.

I stopped the event when I discovered that I would be able to throw an event weekly, for Table Top Tuesday. However I have always missed the thrill of those gatherings. Allowing people to plan a time and get ready for a special event had just a little more to it. So after a little bit of planning and understanding the direction I would like to take to this community, we have decided to bring back the Monthly Gamer Geek Gathering!



Date: July 29th, 2018 12pm - 6pm 


We will have a multitude of Table Top Games along with several Gamer Geek Pros to help you and your friends learn to play!

*We strongly encourage bringing your best game, Favorite friends, and great attitude. 

Added Features!

Table Top SWAPs Available! If you have a game you love but find it has run its course through your gaming schedule why not take advantage of this great space to set up a Table Top Swap? Pick a friend who also has a game just gathering dust on the shelves and trade!

-          No Sales are allowed at all. Only Trades

-          Trades are made via two Gamer Geek Gathering Guests

-          The Store is only providing a space for trading.

-          You will have to agree to trading terms on your own accord.

Start making plans now! I hope to see you at the Gamer Geek Gathering!