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I Want More Comics support Magic: The Gathering in a big way.  We have a healthy schedule of events and a large selection of product including:
  • Sealed Product (Booster Packs and Boxes, Intro Packs, Fat Packs, Event Decks, Dual Decks, and all other product released)
  • Massive Singles Selection, from Power 9 to the commons, we have a lot!
  • Supplies (Deck Boxes, Card Sleeves, Dice, Counters, Binders)

Our base event schedule, with the events that are every week...








Commander Open Play

$5 Standard


$12 Booster Draft

$12 FNM Draft


The types of tournaments we run are:

  • Monday Standard Tournament
    • $5.00 Entry, with 1.5 booster packs into the prize pool for each entry.
    • 4 Rounds of Swiss, Regular Rules Enforcement Level (REL), with prize to final records of 3-1 and better.
  • Wednesday  Booster Draft
    • $12.00 Entry, keep what you draft.
    • Each Round winner gets a booster pack!
    • The store's favorite format, come experiance everything the game of Magic has to offer.  Deck building, card choices, and play
  • Friday Night Magic - Sealed Tournament
    • $25.00 Entry, with 2 booster packs into the prize pool for each entry.
    • FNM Promos awarded.
    • Rounds of Swiss, Regular Rules Enforcement Level (REL), with prize based upon final standings. 
  • Friday Night Magic - Booster Draft
    • $12.00 Entry, keep what you draft.
    • FNM Promos awarded.
    • Each Round winner gets a booster pack!
    • Friday Night Magic - Cube Draft Tournament

      • $5.00 Entry, each Round winner gets a booster pack!
      • FNM Promos awarded.
      • We have 2 store "Cubes" currently, a modified Magic Online Legacy Cube, and a Pauper Cube.
    • Saturday Social Play
    • Beginners Welcome. Just starting out in Magic or only playing socially and want to know more about the rules!
    • Get expert guidance and tips from our knowledgeable staff
    • Play with like minded people on the same skill level. Learn together and grow into great Magic players!!