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I Want More Comics supports  Magic The Gathering in a big way.  We have a large selection of products including:
  • Sealed Product: Booster Packs and Boxes, Intro Packs, Bundles, Event Decks, Duel Decks, and all other official products.
  • Massive singles selection, from Power 9 to the commons. Available for shipping or in-store pick-up.
  • Supplies: Deck Boxes, Card Sleeves, Dice, Counters, and Binders.

Our current event schedule can be seen below and on our Wizards Store Locator Page. Events will be reoccurring every weekend unless we are holding a different in-store event or noted otherwise. 








Commander Open Play


Booster Draft


  • Saturday Booster Draft
    • $20.00 Entry, keep what you draft.
    • Each Round winner gets a booster pack!
    • The store's favorite format, come experience everything the game of Magic has to offer.  Deckbuilding, card choices, and play!      
  • Sunday Commander - Open Play
    • FREE Entry, 16 available seats 
    • Head-to-head or 4 player games based on player's choice.
    • All skill levels welcome. Casual/Fun and Competitive games play on demand.

Beginners Welcome. Just starting out in Magic or only playing socially and want to know more about the rules?  Get expert guidance and tips from our knowledgeable staff.  Play with like-minded people on the same skill level. Learn together and grow into great Magic players!!